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The Faulkner Hospital. 


I. Regular meetings of the trustees shall be held on the third 
Friday of each month, at 4 o'clock P.M., at the hospital, unless 
some other hour or place is designated by the president. Special 
meetings may be called at any time by the president. The mem- 
bers shall be notified of all meetings by the secretary, and except in 
cases of emergency, at least twenty-four hours' notice shall be given. 

II. The secretary shall notify in writing, one week in advance, 
the physicians and the members of the visiting committee, of the 
beginning of their respective terms of service. 

The Visiting Committee. 

The visiting committee shall comprise one member of the board 
of trustees and one member of the corporation not on the board 
of trustees, who shall serve for a period of two months. The term 
of a member of the corporation shall begin on the second month of 
service of the trustee, so that each trustee shall serve with two 
members of the corporation. It shall be the duty of the visiting 
committee to visit the hospital at least twice each month during their 
term of service and to inspect the hospital and its workings and to 
communicate any suggestions or recommendations to the president, 
who shall report them to the trustees at their next meeting. 

Surgical and Medical Service. 

I. The surgical service shall be under the charge of a surgeon, 
who shall be appointed by the trustees, and who shall have au- 
thority to appoint a substitute. 

II. The medical service shall be under the charge of four physi- 
cians resident within the limits of the old town of West Roxbury, 
who shall be appointed by the trustees. Their respective terms 
of service shall be three consecutive months, and the order of ser- 
vice shall be arranged by the trustees. The trustees shall also 
appoint an advisory physician. 

III. The attending physicians and surgeons shall have the charge 
of all patients admitted to the hospital, except as provided in 
section VIII., following. 

IV. Physicians and surgeons during their attendance at the 
hospital are expected to make such visits as shall in their judg- 
ment be necessary, but they shall be responsible to the trustees 
for the proper discharge of their duties, and the superintendent 
shall report at once all cases where, in her opinion, patients have 
been neglected. 

V. Each surgeon and physician shall keep proper records of 
all cases under his care. Physicians attending private cases shall 
be required to fill out a brief history for the use of the superinten- 
dent in making out her annual report. 

VI. Attending physicians may call in consultation the advisory 
physician, or may call on any other physician, provided it is done 
without expense to the hospital. 

VII. The treatment of free patients and of other patients not 
otherwise provided for shall devolve upon the attending physicians 
or surgeons without compensation. In case a patient on the med- 
ical service requires surgical treatment in the opinion of the attend- 
ing physician then on service, such case shall, at the request of the 
attending physician, be examined by the surgeon or his assistant, 
and if in their opinion it is a proper case for transfer, they shall 
sign a blank to that effect. Transfers from the surgical to the 
medical side shall be made in a similar manner. 

VIII. Physicians within the limits of the old town of West 
Roxbury, who are members of the Massachusetts Medical Society, 
together with the surgeon and the advisory physician of the hospital, 
will be permitted to operate upon and to attend patients in the 
hospital who pay special rates for board, and who have been 
admitted to the hospital in the usual way. Such physicians shall 
have the right to call in consultation any other physician without 
expense to the hospital. Regular service will take precedence of 
private work in the use of the operating room. Cases involving 
transfer from the regular attendance to the care of another physi- 
cian shall be decided only by the surgeon and advisory physician. 
Private patients who are permanent residents within the limits of 
the old town of West Roxbury may employ any physician or sur- 
geon who is a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society with- 
out regard to his residence, subject to the approval of at least two 
of the trustees. 

IX. Any physician resident within the limits of the old town 
of West Roxbury, who is a member of the Massachusetts Medical 
Society, may bring a patient to the hospital for operation and may 
have the use of the operating room, instruments, and also the 
necessary nurses and appliances, paying for the same a fee, the 
amount of which shall be assessed by the superintendent, and 
which shall in no case be less than five dollars. Patients may be 
admitted under this rule only by the consent of the superintendent, 
and shall not be allowed to remain in the hospital after recovering 
from ether. In all such cases the hospital assumes no responsibility. 

X. Any question arising in regard to the surgical or the medical 
service not covered by the above rules shall be referred to the 
surgeon and advisory physician for settlement, and if it is in 
their opinion advisable, to the trustees for final decision. 


I. Applications for admission to the hospital must be made to 
the superintendent on an application blank, signed by a physician. 
The physician signing the blank will consult by telephone, or other- 
wise, with the hospital. The rate of board will be settled by the 
superintendent, subject to the approval of the trustees. Applica- 
tion blanks will be furnished on request by the superintendent. 

Any applicant for the charities of the hospital must be resident 
within the limits of the old town of West Roxbury and must be 
recommended by a physician. In doubtful cases, the physician 
applied to shall confer with the superintendent. 

II. Patients having venereal diseases shall not be admitted to 
the hospital. 

III. Incurable diseases shall be admitted only for reasons satis- 
factory to the surgeon or advisory physician, and with the con- 
sent of a trustee. Cases of contagious diseases and of insanity shall 
not be admitted. 

IV. Obstetrical cases may be received, subject to the approval 
of the superintendent. 

V. Private patients shall be required to make weekly payments 
in advance, or they shall be required to provide a satisfactory guar- 
antee for the payment of all charges. Otherwise they shall be 
notified that they are liable to be discharged. 

VI. Private patients are expected to pay their physicians for 
their attendance, the hospital being responsible only for their 
general care and nursing; but the hospital will provide attendance 
for such patients as are unable to pay more than the regular hos- 
pital charges. 


I. Patients may'be visited by their friends on any day between 
three and four o'clock, P.M. No visitor shall remain after the 
visiting hour expires. At any other time special admission must 
be obtained from the physician in charge of the case, or, in his 
absence, from the superintendent. The physician, or the super- 
intendent in his absence, may at any time exclude visitors from any 
patient or may limit the time of their visit, when it seems advis- 
able for the patient's welfare. No more than two visitors shall be 
allowed to visit any patient at the same time. 

II. Visitors will not be allowed to give food or drink of any kind 
to any patient without express written permission from the physi- 
cian attending the case. Such articles brought for any patient 
shall be left in charge of the superintendent or nurse. 

The superintendent of the hospital shall be an educated and 
skillful nurse, capable of taking charge of the hospital under the 

direction of the trustees, and of instructing pupils in nursing. 
She shall have a training in hospital work at least equivalent to 
that furnished by the hospital training schools. She shall have 
the whole responsibility for the conduct of the hospital under the 
direction of the trustees, according to such rules as she may find 
it necessary to prescribe, and as may be approved by the trustees. 
She shall act as the superintendent of the training school and 
registrar of the directory of nurses, and shall have the appoint- 
ment of the cook and of the other female servants, the pupil nurses 
and the assistant nurses, subject to the approval of the trustees, 
and the power to discharge them. She shall not expend any 
money or contract any debt without the authority of the trustees. 
She shall keep a record in detail of all the money received and dis- 
bursed by her, which shall be open at all times to the inspection of 
any trustee, and she shall render monthly to the trustees a full 
account of all her receipts and expenditures. 

She shall keep an accurate account of bedding, table and other 
furniture, shall take charge of all money and other property, not 
in use, belonging to patients, and keep a record of the same, and 
shall deliver it to the patients upon their leaving the hospital, 
taking receipts therefor. She shall, when a patient dies, furnish 
the trustees with an inventory of all his effects, and the trustees 
shall direct their disposal. 

The engineer shall have charge of the fires and the grounds and 
shall assist in the heavier work of the hospital. In all inside work 
he shall be under the direction of the superintendent. 


All applications for the transportation of patients must be made 
to the superintendent, and transportation shall be furnished free 
only to such patients as are unable to pay for the same. 

Vote of the trustees — that until further action by the trustees, four beds in the 
men's open ward, at $14 per week, and three private rooms at not less than $21 per 
week, be open for the reception of patients resident outside the limits of the old town of 
West Roxbury, subject in each case to the approval of two trustees. The attending 
physicians of such patients must be members of the Massachusetts Medical Society, but 
their residences shall not be restricted. 

It is understood that when such patients are on the convalescent list, they will be 
called on to vacate their beds if there is a demand for the beds from patients who are 
residents of the old town of West Roxbury or who have been admitted on application of 
physicians and surgeons who are residents therein, or of the hospital staff. 

July i, 1903.